Getting into action – it starts now

Recently, I hosted a webinar (group coaching session) as part of the Centre for Applied Neuroscience 8 week life transformation series. I dug into my life and coaching philosophy of ‘life by design’ and one of the key components which is being in action.

Wishing, visualizing and meditating are all useful things, but I’m really lit up by just doing something that aligns with the possibility that I’ve created for myself (even if it’s a small action).

I’m attaching the notes from my session for you to review and use if you wish. Don’t forget, with this little gift comes a responsibility (to yourself) and an opportunity. My challenge to you is to take a moment to create a new possibility and to determine and do the next actionable step in alignment with that possibility within 24 hours. If you are inspired and want coaching, be in touch. Have a wonderful day!

Download the notes here – being in action in your life and creating a life you love


(Photo taken at Luckett’s Vineyard in Gaspereau, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Opportunity to try out life coaching

Have you ever wanted to try Life Coaching? The Centre for Applied Neuroscience ( is pleased to offer an 8-week online course (1 hour per week) beginning this September. We have 8 amazing coaches ready to teach you tips, tools & healthy strategies for your life, career and overall wellbeing. In an effort to give back and thank our global community, the cost for this course is only $25 (approximate value of $800!) or $5 per class if only some classes interest you. Invest in your wellbeing today! We want to support you!!

Sept 12, Self-care with Vanessa Vella
Sept 19, Mindfulness with Shai ॐ Maharaj
Sept 26, Time Management & Organization with Olivia Rogoza
Oct 3, How to be a better friend to yourself & others with Jeana Boutilier
Oct 10, Job wellbeing & Self-compassion with Ashlyn Stevens***Thanksgiving Monday
Oct 17, Creating a Life you Love with Erin Hancock
Oct 24, Alignment with Jessie Harrold
Oct 31, Aging & Transitions with Cris Carter

Register NOW here:
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To learn more about coaching visit us at

Let’s work, play, start something, get something done!


I am delighted you visited my page and I would love to work with you to help you:

  • Complete on a project you are itching to finish
  • If you’re stuck and are needing a boost and a new perspective to get going on something that you care about
  • Plan to take on big things in your life
  • Organize your time and space so you can have peace of mind and efficiency

If this calls to you, contact me today for a free first session (for the first 20 people to contact me).

I work with individuals, couples and groups. My approach is to bring tools and techniques to help facilitate you getting what you want. Each client is different, so we will work together to find the approach that works for you.